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$1bn investment from Oil and Gas Climate Initiative


The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) have announced they will be investing $1bn to develop and accelerate the commercial deployment of innovative low emissions technologies. The investment will take place over the next ten years, and with this major undertaking there will be requireme...

Potential new energy source under Barents Sea


A treaty between Russia and Norway, signed in 2010, has led to energy companies paying close attention to the waters off northern Scandinavia. Supplies of oil and gas have been suspected of being under the south eastern Barents Sea for some time now, however until recently it wasn’t ...

Japan’s big push for hydrogen vehicles


A $12m investment from the Japanese government to a sewage treatment plant in Fukuoka has made the slightly bizarre brainwave of using biogas derived from sewage, into hydrogen for fuel. Drivers of hydrogen fuel cell cars can pull up and fuel their cars much like at a regular petrol statio...

Increase in solar energy may accelerate with new floatovoltaics scheme


2015 saw a rise in renewable energy consumption, particularly that from solar energy. IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) have produced a report investigating costs of solar and wind electricity. “We have already seen dramatic cost decreases in solar and wind in recent year...